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Mansoor Daya Managing Director

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We have the team, the strength and the will to do it

Our history, 50 Years of Excellence
Mansoor Daya Chemicals Ltd. was founded in 1962 by Mr. Mansoor Daya. On foundation of the company, the factory was officially opened by the late Hon. Kasambala on behalf of the Father of the Nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere. With beginnings in Pharmaceuticals, initially only four items were manufactured aspirin tablets; chloroquine tablets; aspirin phenacetin caffeine compound and Vitamin B complex tablets. By 1970, production has reached 500,000 tablets per day. Now more than 55 years later, we can manufacture over 3-million tablets per shift using new machinery - but only utilising 50% of our capacity. We are supplying medicines to MSD, hospitals and clinics. With encouragement from the government directive to buy local medicines, we will be able to utilise 90% of present capacity.
At present
Today, the company manufactures over 50 of our own brands of high-quality Health care products such as Medioral Toothpaste and Medi-Oral Mouthwash, cough syrups, vitamins, etc.
Proud moments
The visit of Prime Minister Pinda to celebrate 50 years of Mansoor Daya Chemicals Ltd. story of the past but also an opportunity of boosting our moral for enhancing skills and building a diverse, talented workforce to contribute to the future health care in Tanzania with new innovative products.

About Us

To deliver better outcomes for patients through science-based innovation. We aim to lead in growing areas of healthcare.


These benefits can range from improving the cost-effectiveness our products to providing value addition through access to quality products. 


Our product pipelines fed by a distinctive research and clinical approach. Our keywords are Care, Dedication and Innovation.


We aim to develop innovative products in growing areas of health care in Tanzania and beyond. We are focussing on producing Pharmaceuticals, Hygiene and Homecare products, that have a fast growing demand in Tanzania. The products will provide access to high quality medicines and healthcare at affordable prices. 

Strong values define our culture and help us execute the Mansoor Daya Chemicals Strategy in line with our mission and vision. Our values are: 


by developing and delivering innovative solutions


by taking pride in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well


working with high performance teams


by prioritizing and making things happen with urgency


by advocating and applying high ethical standards every day 

Our mission is to care and cure. We want to discover, develop and successfully market innovative products to prevent and cure diseases, to ease suffering and to enhance the quality of life, and sell our quality products at affordable prices..

To be the most respected and successful Pharmaceutical and Personal Care company in East Africa.

What we Stand For

Our aerosol manufacturing plant was converted from chlorofluorocarbons (ozone depleting) to environmentally inert hydrocarbons almost two decades back.

Our Quality and Standards have been consistent and our products are now exported to neighbouring countries. Our products were amongst the first to be registered on establishment of the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards (19).

Over 55 years we have manufactured products that we believe have been of value to the needs of Tanzanians providing value for money.

Fit for the Future

Over the years our range of brands have grown and become stronger with us.  Each innovative brand brings our dream alive and touches and enhances millions of lives. Our ambition is to manufacture high quality products and increase our market presence in the personal and home care products.

Mansoor Daya Chemicals employs more than 100 people. The ability to attract, grow and keep talented people is vital for us to execute our strategy and keep developing new health care products. With increase in competition  we are reinforcing our culture, enhancing our skills and building a diverse, talented, reliable and qualified workforce.

We prioritize our work by identifying patients’ needs, and using strong scientific understanding of diseases. We dedicate ourselves to developing new products of advanced technology through research that will benefit not only the company but the total pharmaceutical sector of the country. We commit ourselves not only to produce and deliver affordable products but also to provide value addition to the deserving people of Tanzania by enhancing access to quality products.

Mansoor Daya Chemicals Limited has earmarked long-term  plans to manufacture approved anti-malarial products and Anti-HIV drugs. This will need additional facilities to meet the increased demand of a rising population.We at Mansoor Daya Chemicals Limited will always remain commited to provide affordable and accessible treatments for most common and complicated illnesses and expand our activities beyond the geographical boundaries of Tanzania.

Our Management Team

Management Team Management Team

First row: Adventina (Sales Manager), Monica (Microbiologist), Divya (Q. A. Manager), James (Ast. Prod. Manager). Second Raw: Bendict (Q.C. Manager), Abdalah (Q.C. Analyst), Viraj (Prod. Manager)