Medioral Mouth Wash, Daily Fluoride,Toothpaste and Medi-Gel

50th Anniversary Celebration: Managing Director Mr. Mansoor Daya and  Hon. Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda in 2012

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Mansoor Daya Chemicals manufactures a large range of products which can be broadly divided into pharmaceuticals, aerosols and over the counter preparations. These include antibiotics, anti–helminthics, anti-septics and disinfectants, anti-fungal, analgesics, cough and cold preparations, vitamins, sedatives, bronchodilators, oral hygiene products, nasal and ear preparations, insecticides and insect repellants.

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Facilities used by MDChemicals

Our company has integrated manufacturing, warehousing, logistics control, engineering and maintenance, quality control and assurance and new formulation development facilities. We have the following production facilities in Pharmaceutical division : Tablets and Capsules Division Syrups and Suspensions Division Topical products Division Disinfectants Ear and Nasal Drops

Quality Policy

We are commited to ensuring that all products produced and distributed by us, consistently meet the pre -determined speci cations of quality through o... Read More

Quality Control

Quality control is assessed within a fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory using objective analytic processes and testing methods. The lab is equi... Read More

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance plays a very pivotal and all pervasive role at our company. Quality Assurance controls right from facility and product design, valid... Read More

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Our factory has been developed in accordance with WHO standards with guidance from the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA) since 2003. It is a... Read More

Hydrocarbon (environmentally friendly) Aerosol Manufacture

Liquid Petroleum Gas (Butane) is used for all aerosol manufacture. The changeover from Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) to Butane was effected in 1997.The co... Read More

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Leader in manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals and aerosols in Tanzania for over four decades.